5 Benefits of Almond Milk

The dairy industry is one of many, billion-dollar industries in the US. And like other farming and agricultural fields across the country, the dairy farmers have their fans as well as their detractors. While milk has become a well-known part of the American diet, many health experts argue that it really shouldn’t be. Many feel substitutes like almond milk, soy milk, and even coconut milk have much greater health benefits, and far less of the negatives on both your health, animals and the environment. Fans of almond milk like native New Yorker Frank Camuso believes that one of the biggest issues is that when we support the purchase of dairy milk, we are directly supporting cruelty to animals, as well as a whole host of negative effects on our environment. Along with his wife Christine, Frank Camuso has made it a point to only purchase almond milk or soy milk for their family as they feel the poor treatment of cows during the milking and the entire cattle rasing process is cruel, and the benefits simply do not outweigh the negative impact on the environment and the lives of these animals. For most individuals like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, these issues were reason enough to make the switch to almond milk, but if the political, environmental, and even the cruelty issues aren’t enough for you to make the switch, few can argue the adverse health effects and harmful effects of dairy-based milk. Here are 5 health benefits of almond milk.

· Enriched Almond Milk is High in Vitamin D

Many New Yorkers like Frank Camuso and most Americans for that matter are deficient in vitamin D. and the fact is that enriched almond milk is a far better source than traditional dairy milk. While both are often enriched and contain similar vitamin D levels, nutrient for nutrient, and fact for fact, almond milk is a healthier choice.

· Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Countless Americans like Frank Camuso suffer from issues like high blood pressure, and many show signs of the precursors of heart disease. Studies show that regular consumption of nuts like almonds shows an exponential reduction in the chances of getting heart disease. Oleic acid the main ingredient in almond milk is linked to beneficial changes in blood lipid levels.

· Stronger Bones

Commercials in our youth always portrayed milk to be the key to strong bones. Many studies show those who drink more dairy-based milk are actually more susceptible to bone breaks – yea, crazy right? Almond milk, on the other hand, is a pure source of calcium, and the added vitamin D speeds up and aids in its absorption. While dairy milk can get you around 30% of your DV of calcium, almond milk gets you over 50%.

· Dairy Free is the Key

One of the biggest reasons people like Frank Camuso make the switch is the dairy-free aspect of almond milk. The fact is that humans aren’t technically able to digest dairy milk. Everyone is at least a little lactose-intolerant – some more so than others of course. That undigested milk sits in the colon collecting bacteria, and causing gas bloating and overall sickness. No lactose means no smelly, uncomfortable bacteria build-up.

· Overall. Almond Milk is Nutritious

Almond milk is much lower in calories, and regular almond milk doesn’t raise the blood sugar within the body. One cup of almond milk is only about 40 calories, 3x less than some cups of dairy milk. Milk is given to young children because it can help them put on weight in a time when they need to grow – while it’s still unhealthy, I do see the merits. For adults like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, the last thing you need to gain an extra 20-30 pounds for no reason.

Make the switch today, almond milk will keep you happy, healthy, and prevent a number of dairy-associated illnesses.

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