FRANK CAMUSO NEW YORK Staten Island is and pretty much always has been a mostly Italian borough. The Italian citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso, have deep roots within the borough. With some families going back generations on the island.
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Staten Island is and pretty much always has been a mostly Italian borough. The Italian citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso, have deep roots within the borough. With some families going back generations on the island. Staten Island is and pretty much always has been a mostly Italian borough. The Italian citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso, have deep roots within the borough. With some families going back generations on the island. Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso are happy to see the site being used to celebrate the history of Staten Island, and to allow future generations to have a place to remember the past. The flower show has drawn crowds for years now. Whether you are a local, like Frank Camuso, of Staten Island, or an out of town tourist like Jane Argo, a woman who’s family made a 6 hour drive from Virginia Beach just to make it in time for the last week of the show. Staten Island native Frank Camuso, an avid fisherman, and sailor, enjoys taking his family to the marina every weekend. The beaches on Staten Island are not like those of any borough. For years on end, Staten Islander commuters like Frank Camuso, have relied heavily upon express busses as a means of entering the more populated boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The express busses allow Staten Islanders to travel to the “city” quickly and efficiently, without having to be stuck in Verazzano Bridge traffic. Frank Camuso drives most places he goes. Whether its for a quick trip to the grocery store, or a night out with his wife, Frank Camuso isn’t a user of public transportation. One of the major issues with the highway and roadway system in Staten Island is that it wasn’t built to truly hold as many people as it does. Staten Island is and pretty much always has been a mostly Italian borough. The Italian citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso, have deep roots within the borough. With some families going back generations on the island.
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Boost in Staten Island’s Housing Market

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For the last few years homeowners within the five boroughs of New York, like Frank Camuso have found a tremendous amount of parody in their property values. Many of these homeowners on Staten Island purchased homes in the early 2000’s as part of a booming housing market and an economy where it seems property values were only increasing.

However, as a result of the recession and the real estate bubble or collapse as others like Frank Camuso see it, many of these homeowners have found it nearly impossible to recoup their investment when selling their homes. Despite the trend of poor property values, in recent months a number of millennial couples have helped cause a steady increase in NYC property values, especially on Staten Island. Most of these newly married couples, no matter their financial status are preferring to buy property rather than rent, as was the norm for young couples in generations past. Citizens like Frank Camuso hope the trend continues as the number of homes purchased on Staten Island has provided a much-needed boom to the Staten Island housing market.

Younger couples are taking advantages of increasingly low interest rates and quality property developments in areas that were formerly left barren. In the last quarter of 2017 the home ownership rates in the US as a whole has increased to over 64% and the number of homes owned by people under the age of 35 has increased to over 36%, up close to 2% from the previous year. Long time Staten Island residents like Frank Camuso, feel a lot of the change has to do with increasing rental prices for smaller and smaller apartments, across NYC especially on Staten Island.

Many millennial feel that saving their money and putting it toward ownership is a far better option. Having equity and settling down in order to provide a stable home for the families they wish to build play a huge part in their decisions. This trend has roots that have started during most couples college years. More and more millennial are living at home with their parents for longer periods of time these days in order to settle issues such as student load debt or credit card debt before venturing off on their own. This allows them to enter the real world with far better stability than people of generations past and puts them in prime position to purchase homes, helping to build back the housing market in New York City. And benefitting other long-time home owners such as Frank Camuso. Its a dream for many New Yorkers, mostly made up of renters, to own a home, and with trends in housing markets up and sound financial decision making they can make that dream a reality.

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Staten Island Pasta Bowl

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Staten Island’s Community Resources hosted its second annual Pasta Bowl event. A event created pitting some of Staten Island’s best Italian chef’s against each other, seeing who can create the best unique pasta bowl idea.

The event was well attended by locals Staten Island residents like Frank Camuso. Staten Island has always been known for its Italian population and one of the best ways to celebrate this heritage is a community sponsored competition bringing citizens together along with local restaurant owners for an afternoon of good food and family oriented fun. Attendees like Frank Camuso were treated to “pasta bowls” made by these amazing chefs. When the votes were tallied, Restauranteur Peter Botros ended up coming out on top, and collected the coveted Grand Prize. His restaurant Violette’s Cellar offers the award winning dish and it is a favorite among most of the restaurants patrons. Frank Camuso and his wife Christine Camuso had raved about the dish.

Many of the attendees were happy to be a part of such an event, and hope the Community Resources center plan other events to bring community building to the forefront of a borough that was always known for its sense of community. Frank Camuso hopes events like this and more community groups are established to help Staten Island return to its lost sense of community. Events like this provide families on Staten Island more opportunities to feel a part of their community and spread the importance of family friendly events on Staten Island. The second place prize went to both Mario Gentile, owner of Mario’s Restaurant on Richmond RD, , and Leonardo Giordano of the restaurant Mona Lisa.

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Huge Issues in Staten Island Roadways

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In recent times Staten Island roadways have seen a huge increase in traffic jams and motor vehicle accidents. Most citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso feel the issues are being caused by a large number of potholes that have yet to be repaired, despite constant requests made to the city. One of the highest traffic roadways in Staten Island, Hylan Boulevard, has been the subject of dozens of calls by concerned citizens.

Currently Hylan Boulevard has over 5 notable potholes, one of which is over 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep, capable of causing tremendous damage to any motor vehicle that may be unlucky enough to run over it. Concerned Staten Island citizens, such as Frank Camuso, have already notified city officials, but a few weeks and dozens of calls later, nothing has yet to be done.

Frank Camuso and his wife Christine Camuso, using Hylan Boulevard as a major route in their daily activity estimate the traffic issues caused by this one single pothole has quadrupled travel time through Staten Island. More than just potholes, the officials on Staten Island seem to have ignored a number of issues on the roadways, such as faulty traffic lights, and poorly painted lane lines. This not only causes issues in travel time, but causes a tremendous hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike. Citizens like Frank Camuso worry that road issues will lead directly to more accidents, not to mention huge damages to vehicles. Local Staten Island news stations have already questioned Department of transportation officials and hopefully the uproar among citizens leads to them making more of an effort in making the roadways in Staten Island safer for motorists.

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Staten Island’s St. George Theater Affordable Family Theater

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Staten Island’s famous St. George theater is proud to now be offering affordable family presentations. In recent years as it seems like everything is that much more expensive, the St. George theater has done its part to keep up. Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso have been attending events there for years. The large venue usually plays host to headlining comedians, middle of the road rock groups, parties, and even the occasional legendary musician.

With ticket prices skyrocketing, many large families, simply couldn’t afford tickets for all their children, and a trip to see quality theater or a concert became a huge expense. For family men such as Frank Camuso, an affordable night dedicated to clean family fun is exactly what he and his children were after.

With that comes Affordable Family Theater, bringing clean, family-oriented theater shows, plays, and other events to the stage at St. George. This gives parents like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, the ability to take a breather, knowing that they will see nice clean, family friendly content. Not to mention the huge savings! For an upcoming April event, The Wizard of Oz, Frank Camuso was able to purchase his family tickets for the reasonably low price of $22 apiece! A welcome discount from the $100+ average ticket price most events are currently going for.

The St George theater is a Staten Island institution. Bringing some much-needed culture as well as family fun to the borough that sometimes needs it! Be sure to check out Affordable Family Theater at the St. George theater.

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Staten Island Museum’s Remember the Mastodon Exhibit

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When we think of arts & culture in New York City, Staten Island usually isn’t the first place we think of. But the Staten Island Museum, located at 1000 Richmond Terrace in Snug Harbor has done a great job in blending elements from Staten Island’s interesting history, with modern art trends and interests from around the country, and parents like Frank Camuso feel it’s a wonderful place to bring their children. The Staten Island Museum plays host to some of the most unique and interesting exhibits of any museum in New York City.

One of the newest and most interesting exhibits at the Staten Island Museum is the Remember the Mastodon exhibit, a favorite amongst patrons like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine. During the 18th and 19th century the fossilized bones of the great elephant-like creature, the Mastodon, were found on Staten Island. During that time, the citizens of Staten Island were shocked at how such large bones could even exist. Of course, today with modern dating technology as well as a knowledge of other historical findings, we know that the 10,000-pound Mastodon called Staten Island as well as the other boroughs of New York City home, anywhere from 11,700 to 2.6 million years ago! The rich history of these creatures, and what their daily lives were like, living on Staten Island, is all told as part of the exhibit. Frank Camuso finds it exhilarating to learn that such tremendous creatures could have lived in the same spot you eat your family dinners at, thousands of years ago. Not much is known about how or why the mastodon disappeared, as it has no real predators in the area, and is also a very close (in looks, and behavior) relative to the modern-day elephants. Scientists often attribute their extinction to hunting, climate change, or virus strains of the time. One of the more interesting points made by the exhibit to Frank Camuso was the fact that in understanding what affected the Mastodon and led to its extinction we can better understand our own futures.

The main points of the Remember the Mastodon exhibit touch on extinction and how fleeting life can really be. From 10,000-pound elephants to smallest flowers and fauna, much of the biodiversity on Staten Island undergoes change after change and the turnover of life is extremely high. The exhibit includes a number of sections and is the perfect place for Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso to bring their families and experience the ancient history of Staten Island.

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Staten Islanders Celebrate IHOP’s National Pancake Day

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In case you didn’t know today isn’t just Tuesday, February 27th, its also IHOP’s beloved National Pancake Day. More than just a day to rejoice its also one of IHOP’s most successful, and longest running marketing ploys, since its creation in 1958. Today IHOP franchises across the country are offering their customers a free short stack of their original buttermilk pancakes, in exchange for a donation to one of its many children’s charities. And Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine are taking in the festivities at IHOP’s Graniteville location.

National Pancake Day is part of IHOP’s 60 Days of Giving campaign, a charitable campaign which aims to raise $5 million for children’s hospitals and medical research around the country. And customers like Frank Camuso are happy to give back while enjoying their free short stack of pancakes. National Pancake day runs from 7am to 7pm with select restaurants going as long as 10pm.

Known as one of the busier IHOP locations in NYC, Staten Island’s Graniteville location, was jam packed today, all in the name of giving, and of course, free pancakes. Frank Camuso, and other Staten Islanders brought their entire families, despite it being a work and school day. At some points during the day IHOP’s Graniteville location, on Richmond Avenue, had close to a 2-hour long wait. Which didn’t seem to deter many of the Staten Island patrons, like Frank Camuso and his family. Many families interviewed said it was just as much about giving back as it was about free pancakes.  Participating charities include the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society. Since 2006 alone, National Pancake Day, has raised over $30 million for youth charities across the country, supporting health, wellness, as well as education. It is great to see corporations making an effort to give back, in more ways than one.

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