Huge Issues in Staten Island Roadways

In recent times Staten Island roadways have seen a huge increase in traffic jams and motor vehicle accidents. Most citizens of Staten Island, like Frank Camuso feel the issues are being caused by a large number of potholes that have yet to be repaired, despite constant requests made to the city. One of the highest traffic roadways in Staten Island, Hylan Boulevard, has been the subject of dozens of calls by concerned citizens.

Currently Hylan Boulevard has over 5 notable potholes, one of which is over 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep, capable of causing tremendous damage to any motor vehicle that may be unlucky enough to run over it. Concerned Staten Island citizens, such as Frank Camuso, have already notified city officials, but a few weeks and dozens of calls later, nothing has yet to be done.

Frank Camuso and his wife Christine Camuso, using Hylan Boulevard as a major route in their daily activity estimate the traffic issues caused by this one single pothole has quadrupled travel time through Staten Island. More than just potholes, the officials on Staten Island seem to have ignored a number of issues on the roadways, such as faulty traffic lights, and poorly painted lane lines. This not only causes issues in travel time, but causes a tremendous hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike. Citizens like Frank Camuso worry that road issues will lead directly to more accidents, not to mention huge damages to vehicles. Local Staten Island news stations have already questioned Department of transportation officials and hopefully the uproar among citizens leads to them making more of an effort in making the roadways in Staten Island safer for motorists.

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