Staten Island Pasta Bowl

Staten Island’s Community Resources hosted its second annual Pasta Bowl event. A event created pitting some of Staten Island’s best Italian chef’s against each other, seeing who can create the best unique pasta bowl idea.

The event was well attended by locals Staten Island residents like Frank Camuso. Staten Island has always been known for its Italian population and one of the best ways to celebrate this heritage is a community sponsored competition bringing citizens together along with local restaurant owners for an afternoon of good food and family oriented fun. Attendees like Frank Camuso were treated to “pasta bowls” made by these amazing chefs. When the votes were tallied, Restauranteur Peter Botros ended up coming out on top, and collected the coveted Grand Prize. His restaurant Violette’s Cellar offers the award winning dish and it is a favorite among most of the restaurants patrons. Frank Camuso and his wife Christine Camuso had raved about the dish.

Many of the attendees were happy to be a part of such an event, and hope the Community Resources center plan other events to bring community building to the forefront of a borough that was always known for its sense of community. Frank Camuso hopes events like this and more community groups are established to help Staten Island return to its lost sense of community. Events like this provide families on Staten Island more opportunities to feel a part of their community and spread the importance of family friendly events on Staten Island. The second place prize went to both Mario Gentile, owner of Mario’s Restaurant on Richmond RD, , and Leonardo Giordano of the restaurant Mona Lisa.

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