Staten Islanders Concered Over MTA Changes

For years on end, Staten Islander commuters like Frank Camuso, have relied heavily upon express busses as a means of entering the more populated boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The express busses allow Staten Islanders to travel to the “city” quickly and efficiently, without having to be stuck in Verazzano Bridge traffic.

Express busses are also the only means of mass transit for commuters like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, as there are no subways or major railways in Staten Island. Despite this, the MTA has decided it is time to rename the express busses using a new system of naming. The busses for years have been known by the X prefix, as it has been in all of the other boroughs. However, they must know get used to the new way of naming the bus routes using the SIM prefix. A Staten Island native, Frank Camuso, is worried that the renaming will cause confusion for the many friends and relatives that rely on the busses for daily transportation.

Now a normal renaming may not be an issue, but what is causing a major area of cover to Frank Camuso and others is the fact that one bus line is now going to be renamed and will take on 3 or 4 different names, to signify the direction the bus is traveling as well as the area in which it is traveling at any given time. For instance, the X1 express bus, a common line for Frank Camuso ’s relatives, is now going to be broken u into the SIM1, SIM7, SIM10, and SIM22. While the X prefix was used for express bus, the SIM prefix now means Staten Island to Manhattan.

There were formerly 27 different express busses leaving Staten Island, that figure is now over 35. For locals, like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, it truly doesn’t make much sense. Staten Island is already difficult enough to travel in and out of, now it seems the MTA has made it much more confusing. There are only 21 total routes, 11 traveling to Midtown, 8 traveling to Downtown, and 2 traveling to Greenwich Village. So for their to now be 35+ busses on these routes real doesn’t make much sense.

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