Staten Island’s St. George Theater Affordable Family Theater

Staten Island’s famous St. George theater is proud to now be offering affordable family presentations. In recent years as it seems like everything is that much more expensive, the St. George theater has done its part to keep up. Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso have been attending events there for years. The large venue usually plays host to headlining comedians, middle of the road rock groups, parties, and even the occasional legendary musician.

With ticket prices skyrocketing, many large families, simply couldn’t afford tickets for all their children, and a trip to see quality theater or a concert became a huge expense. For family men such as Frank Camuso, an affordable night dedicated to clean family fun is exactly what he and his children were after.

With that comes Affordable Family Theater, bringing clean, family-oriented theater shows, plays, and other events to the stage at St. George. This gives parents like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, the ability to take a breather, knowing that they will see nice clean, family friendly content. Not to mention the huge savings! For an upcoming April event, The Wizard of Oz, Frank Camuso was able to purchase his family tickets for the reasonably low price of $22 apiece! A welcome discount from the $100+ average ticket price most events are currently going for.

The St George theater is a Staten Island institution. Bringing some much-needed culture as well as family fun to the borough that sometimes needs it! Be sure to check out Affordable Family Theater at the St. George theater.

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