The Beaches of Staten Island

When most think of Staten Island, the last thing that comes to mind is the beach. In the shadows of NYC’s tallest buildings Staten Islander’s like Frank Camuso, want the rest of New York City to know that Staten Island is home to some of the best, most swimmable beaches in the 5 boroughs. The beaches on Staten Island offer a number of benefits to citizens like Frank Camuso and his wife and children. Beaches like Wolfe’s Pond Park, offer outdoor activities such as hiking trails, sporting courts, and playgrounds for all ages. The beach is also easily accessible by public transportation, or by car, and the perfect atmosphere for family fun in the sun.

Staten Island native Frank Camuso, an avid fisherman, and sailor, enjoys taking his family to the marina every weekend. The beaches on Staten Island are not like those of any borough. Many of the beaches are very famous for their rare fish or animal life. Rare birds, such as the brant, the Laughing Gull, the Herring Gull, and the Gray Gull all call places like Wolfe’s Pond home. In addition blue mussels, horshoe crabs, and Quahog Clams, are rare collectible clams that have some of the most beautiful shells around.

Beaches like South Beach on Father Capadanno Blvd is one of Frank Camuso and his wife Christine’s favorites. The beach has amazing boardwalks, perfect for biking, long walks, and family fun. And the 835 foot long fishing pier is a favorite of fisherman like Frank Camuso and his children. Other attractions in the area include, a skate park, sporting courts, almost, nightly live music, outdoor movies, fireworks and a host of other local events. If you and your family are looking to take a break from the norm, and venture off into a beach you haven’t been before. Staten Island offers some of NYC’s most fun-filled, family oriented, action-packed beaches!

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