The Macy’s Annual Flower Show

Spring is here, it might not seem so with the almost weekly snowstorms in NYC, but we assure you, it is definitely springtime! And with spring comes flowers blooming, birds chirping, and of course the Macy’s flower show! An NYC staple, New Yorkers like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, have been able to enjoy the festivities since March 25th. This weeks marks the ending of the annual show that comes to Macy’s Herald Square once every year.

The flower show has drawn crowds for years now. Whether you are a local, like Frank Camuso, of Staten Island, or an out of town tourist like Jane Argo, a woman who’s family made a 6 hour drive from Virginia Beach just to make it in time for the last week of the show. For two weeks, people have been able to see the most jaw-dropping floral arrangements. The flower show is known to have some of the most beautiful species of flowers around, displaying flowers known for their amazing shapes and vibrant colors, as well as their amazing blooming schedule. Each year the show has a specific theme, this year’s theme being “Once Upon A Springtime”, inspired by fantasy tales, and scenes from your favorite childhood stories. So it would seem unlikely that a flower show would appeal to adults, especially males. But if you ask Staten Island native, Frank Camuso, he is enjoying the festivities as much as his children and wife! Frank Camuso claimed the nostalgia of seeing his favorite scenes fro childhood stories brought him back, and it is a wonderful event he is glad he can share with his family. The flower show is one of the most notable free events NYC is known for.

The sweet smells of Macy’s foliage can be smelled from down the block. But the sweet smells aren’t the only thing attracting people to Macy’s. The flower show is also an amazing time for economic growth for Macy’s and leads to a lot more money changing hands! Frank Camuso and his family each have a shopping bag in hand. Macy’s reports record numbers for revenue during the flower show, as many, despite coming for the flowers, stay for the shopping. The influx in transactions also leads to a ton of seasonal hiring. The current flower show has allowed Macy’s to hire dozens of seasonal hires for part time, full time, and overnight work. Whether its manning the registers, stocking the shelves, or cleaning up flower petals, a lot of happy New Yorkers are earning some extra pocket change this spring. So if you are in or around the NYC area, this is your last week to catch the 44th annual Macy’s Flower Show, its a beautiful sight to see, not to mention its 100% free.

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