Winter Weather Causing Road Issues in Staten Island

For the past few years citizens of Staten Island have had constant issues with roadway conditions. Local Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso, say it seems like every year the roads are covered with more and more potholes and when one gets fixed, the construction crew causes another three. One the major issues is that these road issues are all over the highest traffic roadways and cause a huge issue to drivers and pedestrians alike, especially when the weather conditions are bad.

The evidence isn’t just anecdotal either, in recent years statistics have shown that calls made to 311 in regard to hazardous roadway conditions have drastically increased on Staten Island, and even more worrisome, is that roadway accidents have increased by a huge number as well. For a family man like Frank Camuso, who fears for his family’s safety this information is more than troubling. Something really needs to be done.

Much of the roadway issues come from salting and the salt trucks that dispense this salt. Garbage trucks and other municipal trucks often go out on snowy days laying salt over the ground in order to make the roads less slick and protect from icing. This is a welcome service and much appreciated, but the irony is that, the same salt and salt trucks that are meant to protect our roads are causing just as much damage to them. Like most Staten Islanders, Frank Camuso drives most places he goes. Whether its for a quick trip to the grocery store, or a night out with his wife, Frank Camuso isn’t a user of public transportation. One of the major issues with the highway and roadway system in Staten Island is that it wasn’t built to truly hold as many people as it does. And many of the roads aren’t well lit, or well “lined”. This causes the roadway dangers to be exponentially worse in the bad weather. Small backroads are much quicker to freeze, flood and be susceptible to major damages. For the sake of Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and his family, something needs to be done to increase the safety.

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